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We will use this blog page to give you information about all developments at our laundromat. We will also provide tips, ideas and other useful information that will make your laundromat visit a more pleasurable experience. Please send us your feedback as we depend upon you to tell us what more we can do to make your experience better.

11 March, 2013

Since this new management took over Fillmore laundromat on 10 December 2012, we have made many improvements to make your experience more pleasurable:

  1. New web site –
  2. Free wi fi.
  3. New flat screen TV
  4. New extended hours of operation.
  5. Freshly painted for a neater & cleaner look!
  6. A new owner (myself) who genuinely cares about his customers & their experience at the laundromat.
  7. A customer loyalty program – come to the laundromat and learn more.
  8. We have just completed a major renovation. We have installed 5 new 18 lb capacity (double load) front load Horizon machines and 1 new 60 lb (6 loads) capacity front load machine.
  9. We have also moved the top load machines to the rear and the 40 lb front loaders to the front, closer to the higher capacity (50 lb and 60 lb) machines. This has been done for better work flow.

The Horizon double loaders are almost double the capacity of a top loader. They have a cycle time of only 27 minutes and are more water efficient. They have a final spin of 300 G – Force which reduces drying time by removing more water. They have three separate settings giving you a choice depending upon the state of clothes to be washed. The controls are extremely user friendly.

So, use these new machines for a better experience.

And we wish all of you a prosperous 2013. Come by the Laundromat and say hi..

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